Who We Are

Welcome to Prime Journeys - Your travel advisor for those of us in our Prime, people over 50! We also specialize in niche travel, so if you think that fits you, give me a call!

My name is Randy Alexander, and I am a Travel Consultant, or Travel Advisor if you prefer. I take the worry and work out of planning your journeys throughout the world. Wherever you want to go, I can plan and book everything you need, to have the best time possible.

I don’t cater to business customers, but to you, the traveler. Who, if you are like me, is on the top side of 50 and at a point in your life where it’s the experience that matters. Whether you want to sit on the beach sipping Mai-tai’s or go para-sailing on the Mexican Riviera, you want the experience to be memorable and fun.

That’s what I do. With my extensive training and over 30 years of researching skills. I spent years working as the "Travel Agents, Travel Agent for a major travel wholesale company and am an EXPERT in European and Asia Travel, It’s my job to know what you need to make your experience the best it can be. My job is to make all of your journeys Prime Journeys.

Why Choose Us?

1 What ever your travel needs, we will personally design your journey tailored for you.

2 Whether a Prime Traveler, GLBT, family, or part of a group, we will plan your trip to best fit your niche.

3 We will do all the research for you to best maximize your travel experiences.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we are not currently in operation. Thank you for your interest.

Sandals Certified Specialist